Carlos Puckerin has come a long way from street sales to breaking records in corporate sales.Throughout his career Carlos has continued to be an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. From fashion, fitness, to finance, direct sales, energy and now crushing it in real estate ; Carlos, is a pioneer. With over 40 transactions in his first twelve months as a Realtor to averaging 10% commissions he is revolutionizing the industry and the way Realtors serve their clients.

Loaded Agent

With years of experience as both an entrepreneur and a mentor Carlos decided to get his Real Estate License after his mentorship in real estate investing revealed a gap between what investors do and what licensed realtors do. He successfully bridged that gap allowing him to serve his clients on a large scale in a way that has never been done before by licensed Realtors. Funny story: After going from brokerage to brokerage in his first 60 days of being licensed and his first deal as a licensed agent clearing over $40,000 on an 80/20 split his broker didn’t understand the direction that he was going in his real estate business and fired him. That same year he did over 40 transactions. Today, he teaches Realtors how to break the glass ceilings on 3% commissions and have a sustainable real estate business.

Alpha Sales

Sales are at the core of every business. Having clients and customers isn’t enough, you need closes. Carlos has mastered the art of closing deeming him Carlos the Closer. Sales is an art and Carlos is Michaelangelo. In this program he will paint a vivid picture on specifically what you need to do to become a Claude Monet of closing sales.

Brand Consulting

Carlos is an expert in branding, team building, company culture, marketing and business. He’s created and branded many start up companies and rebranded many companies resulting in dramatic business revenue increase. From marketing strategies to lead generation and the overall esthetic look of the brand. Carlos shares his secrets on customer attraction, retainment, and how to establish authority in your space. Carlos will examine where your business is and what it will take to get it to where you want to be and beyond.


As a motivational speaker Carlos quintessential rags to riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance paired with the unique and charismatic way he communicates it will lift and inspire any audience. His candid, real life story of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age beginning with a paper route to his college professor telling him he knew more than he could teach him is riveting, inspiring and motivating. Carlos’ message will connect with any audience; his passion for painting a picture with his words is unmatched.

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The Loaded Agent Course

This course will teach you, step by step, how to automate your business and get as many seller clients AS YOU WANT who will happily pay you 6%+ commissions